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Using Various Lighting Options in Older Homes

Do you live in a new house or older house? We happen to live in a house that was built in 1913, it’s pretty old. When we bought it the owner showed us newspapers they had found when they redid the dining room floors, original papers to 1913 when the house was built. It was really interesting to see the advertising they had. A car was super cheap, men’s suits were $10, times were sure different back then.

Our house’s wiring is older too as a result. It’s been modernized since then and it gave us an opportunity to consider some more modern possibilities such as track lighting and wall sconces. We have done both to some degree in various rooms in the house.

We put a theater in the upstairs above the garage and the track lights are perfect for that area to showcase some of the more interesting features. But in the living it was more appropriate to get a classier look and lighting options such as candle sconces are great for that. They don’t require special electric outlets since they are simply candles set carefully inside a sconce that hangs on the wall. They really are beautiful. I found them at our local floral and housewares store. Buying local has its advantages. Pretty decent price, too.

The sconces I picked are a dull copper color and we can put any shade of candle in them we wish. It works best with tall tapers, although shorter ones work, too, as long as the candle base fits into the hole. Otherwise the candles will fall over.

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