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Becoming a Driving Instructor – Is it a Good Time?

Lately we have seen national driving schools offering lessons for a very cheap price. Is it therefore really possible to make a good living as a driving instructor as the advertising would have us believe?

I believe that there are currently twice as many instructors as there were 4/5 years ago and new pupils wanting to learn to drive are down about 5% over the same period. Very competitive times indeed and offers like those of the national driving schools are indicative of this situation.

Resting on ones laurels is no longer an option and any instructor/driving school needs to be very pro-active if they are to sustain, or dare I say grow, their business. This would include networking, a website for your driving school (not a stale historic site but an evolving, growing site – pupil testimonials is a must), directory listings etc. Yes, it may be a bit of work but, being an independent driving instructor is not a job, it is a business – your business.

Give yourself a competitive advantage whenever you can. I see many listings on the Driving Schools Directory that basically say, as an example:


Additional School Information:
Pleasant & relaxed instructor.

On the application they are encouraged/told to complete ALL towns & villages and not just the principal towns – it is amazing what some people will search for – but they don’t. Staines, Egham, Laleham, Thorpe, Thorpe Lea, Stanwell, Stanwell Village etc. should have been inserted.

Additional info – come on, is that all they really offer? What about some background, track record, pass rates, type of car, why they are different/unique etc. Entice them to make some sort of contact with you.

Like it or not, it is a sales process/advert and prospects are likely to be attracted to a listing that has a little more to say about themselves – prospects are searching for information to make a decision about who they should start driving lessons with – help them make their decision! Don’t rely on them phoning you to start a relationship, you just may not get that far!

I think what I am trying to say here is that I am sure there are better things to compete on other than just price. If everyone did that we as driving instructors may well be registering as charities as part of the training process in the not too distant future.

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