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Hair Thickening fibres – Hide your thinning hair

lots of individuals experience thinning hair at a young age and even though there are various long term cures for hair loss, short of a toupee or wig, there aren’t a lot of alternatives for a short term solution.

The selections available for a short term solution are a comb over, a toupee or a wig.  None of these alternatives are outstandingly desirable as comb over’s are oftenextremely noticeable and toupees and wigs are frequently awkward to wear and can lead to uneasy states – such as it coming off in public, or the first time you take it off in front of a new partner.

There is one innovative option to these embarrassing procedures of hiding thinning hair – The new Scientia Hair Fibres. These Hair fibers are 100% genuine organic Keratin cut into little strands that stick themselves to your untaken hair strands through static electricity and leaves you with a thorough head of normal looking hair in just 30 seconds and when locked in with hair thickening spray, endures all day long through wind and rain.

These Hair fibers are so easy to apply – you just intersperse them onto your head where desired until all the thinning sections are covered then style it as you would ordinarily and attach it in with fixing spray. When locked in with the hair thickening spray they can hold out rain, wind and general daily wear. Then they just wash out in the bath at the end of the day.

While these Hair fibers lessen the appearance of thinning hair on a short term basis it is doable to thwart and decrease hair loss on a long term basis. Two current and successful inventions to stop hair loss are the hair laser and the derma roller – all of these products are obtainable at   

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