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The Brave New World of Web 2.0

Having been a traditional bricks and mortar business owner for the past 20 years or so I’m quickly realizing that this Web 2.0 stuff is radically changing the landscape of how business is done worldwide. It used to that finding customers was just a matter of making some cold calls, passing out a few business cards and maybe writing an ad for your local newspaper. But with some much competition out there now these so called old marketing methods just aren’t cutting it any more.

At first I was a little hesitate to jump into the whole internet Web 2.0 thing, I’ve never been the techie type but have always been intrigued by the internet and the infinite possibilities of how this tool could be used to market a business. So being the slow starter that I’ve always been I decided to take the plunge and educate myself for a couple of months to see what types of results that could gained by using this new marketing medium. And boy was I surprised after about six months or so of testing by way of a blog, several videos and submitting a couple of niche articles to some of the top article directories.

Well it’s been close to a year now and even though I wouldn’t consider myself a guru or anything like that I have become quite proficient in two maybe three areas of Web 2.0 marketing. It’s a brave new world out here now folks and my advice to any of you traditional old timers out there is don’t be afraid to give the internet a shot. It’s becoming extremely easier and easier to take advantage of what Web 2.0 and the internet has to offer, so do yourself a favor and don’t get left behind. This is Kevin Thomas hope you enjoyed reading this article.


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